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TRACE 2007 - Talks/Posters

    When making your presentations and posters please take into account following information:

         1) lengths of the talk 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions;

         2) poster size <= A0 (841 x 1189 mm), preferable portrait orientation.

    Invited talks

Author(s) Title
Alar Läänelaid Some aspects of dendrochronology in the Baltics
Hans Linderholm, C. Folland, D. Fereday, J. Hurrell, S. Ineson, J. Knight & A. Scaife Reconstructing Summer North Atlantic Oscillation (SNAO) variability over the last centuries



Author(s) Title
Wolfgang Beck Representative Mean Growth Behaviour of Forest Stands – Methodical Aspects from Dendrochronology and Forest Mensuration
Erica Bigio, H. Gärtner & M. Conedera Wood anatomical analysis of fire-scarred chestnut in southern Switzerland
Szymon Bijak Influence of tree and stand index thresholds on the number of pointer years

Niels Bleicher

Dendroecology of neolithic timber using dendrotypology, growth-patterns and stand-dynamics

Stella Bogino & F. Bravo

ENSO and NAO impacts on Pinus pinaster Ait. growth in Spanish forest

Mindaugas Brazauskas

The dendrochronology of archeological oak found in old town of Klaipeda

Matthew Brookhouse

Life at the edge: resolving the climatological sensitivity of sub alpine snow gum

C.T. Bues, B. Günther, J. König

Application of multivariate cross-dating to historical timbers with less than 50 tree rings

Ulf Büntgen, D. C. Frank, H. Grudd & J. Esper

Eight centuries of Pyrenees summer temperatures from tree-ring density

Rochelle Campbell

Blue Intensity in Pinus sylvestris: application, validation and climatic sensitivity of a new palaeoclimate proxy for tree ring research

Mireia Celma Martínez

Archaeological site of Dolmen de la Font dels Coms (Llavorsí, Pallars Sobirà, Spain). Charcoal analysis for human impact and dendroecological interpretation

Duncan A. Christie, A. Lara, J.A. Barichivich, R. Villalba, M.S. Morales & E.A. Cuq

El Niño Southern Oscillation Signal in World Highest Elevation Tree-Ring Chronologies from the Altiplano Plateau at 4,600 m a.s.l.

Detlef Drosihn, P. Duncker & H. Spiecker

Intra-annual variations of wood density of Picea abies [L.] Karst. at different altitudes of the Black Forest. Typified density profiles and the influence of weather conditions on wood density

Jan Eckstein, h.H. Leuschner & A. Bauerochse

Dendroecological studies on subfossil pine and oak from „Totes Moor“ near Hannover (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Jan Esper, D. Frank, U. Büntgen, A. Verstege, J. Luterbacher & E. Xoplaki

Long-term drought severity variations in Morocco

Stefanie Fischer, B. Neuwirth, J. Löffler & M. Winiger

Effects of various site ecological features on radial growth pattern in North Rhine-Westphalia

Dagmar Friedrichs, B. Neuwirth, J. Löffler & M. Winiger

Growth variations of oaks under different climatic and environmental conditions in low mountain ranges (Germany)

Holger Gärtner & I. Heinrich

Traumatic rows of resin ducts - A valuable parameter for dating events in Geomorphology?

Joþica Grièar, P. Oven & T. Levaniè

Seasonal dynamics of wood formation in Norway spruce during 2002-2004

Roman Gut, H. Gärtner & V. Winchester

Dendrogeomorphological analysis of a landslide area near Buck’s Mills, England

Sùawomira Paweùczyk, A. Pazdur, T. Boettger, M. Haupt, M. Kràpiec & E. Kràpiec-Szychowska

Stable isotopes C, H and O in tree rings as a tool for climate reconstruction

Anna Pazdur, S. Pawelczyk, N. Piotrowska, A. Rakowski, M. Szczepanek, T. Boettger, M. Haupt, S. Halas, M. Krapiec, E. Szychowska – Krapiec & N. Toshio

Stable isotopes in tree rings: climate and human activity in the last 400 years, Poland

Ionel Popa & O. Bouriaud

500 years summer temperature variability in Eastern Carpathians inferred from stone pine (Pinus cembra) tree ring width

Eva Přemyslovská, J. Ðlezingerová & L. Gandelová

Tree ring width and basic density of wood in different forest type

Christina E. Reynolds-Henne, R.T.W. Siegwolf, K. Treydte, J. Esper, S. Henne & M. Saurer

Temporal Stability of Climate-Isotope Relationships in Tree Rings of Oak and Pine (Ticino, Switzerland)

Michal Rybníèek, T. Kyncl, V. Gryc, E. Přemyslovská & H. Vavrèík

Building of the oak standard chronology for the Czech Republic

Johannes Schultz, B. Neuwirth, J. Löffler & M. Winiger

Growth responses to NAO along a Central European West-East Transect

Barbara Sensuùa, A. Pazdur & P. Derrick

Application of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry in analysis of ancient wood components

Robert Tomusiak

Tree ring analysis in a damaged pine stand

Kerstin Treydte and ISONET partners

Signal strength and climate calibration of a European tree-ring isotope network

Valerie Trouet, A.H. Taylor, C.N. Skinner, & A.M. Carleton

A tree-ring derived fire weather reconstruction and climatology for northern California and Oregon

 Rika Van Bogaert

Recent treeline dynamics in northernmost Sweden (Torneträsk): a multidisciplinary landscape approach

Adomas Vitas & M. Zunde

Dendrochronological investigation on historical English oak (Quercus robur L.) in Lithuania and Latvia: problems and potential

Peter von Schnakenburg, A. Bräuning & G. Helle

Detecting annual growth rythms from oxygen and carbon isotopes in tropical mountain rain forest trees in southern Ecuador

Fan Zexin & A. Bräuning

The reconstruction of spring precipitation variation from tree rings since AD 1550 from Northwestern Yunnan, China



Author(s) Title

Annette Bär, J. Löffler & A. Bräuning

The impact of micro-site conditions on ring-width variations of the alpine dwarf shrub Empetrum hermaphroditum

Alexander Bast, H. Gärtner, I. Roer & C. Kneisel

Tree-ring analyses at a sporadic permafrost site below timberline, Bever Valley, Switzerland

Anaïs Boura & D. De Franceschi

An easy technique to collect wood and bark samples for anatomical studies

Matthew Brookhouse

The anatomy of invasion: A dendrochronological investigation of a woody weed, Senna siamea (Lam.) HS Irwin & Barneby, in Australia’s far north.

Anna Cedro, M. Lamentowicz, Ù. Lamentowicz, G. Miotk-Szpiganowicz, E. Mitchell & J. Pawlyta

Last millennium multi-proxy record from a raised bog in northern Poland

Mireia Celma Martínez

Collars, shepherds and dendrochronology. Traditional activities end at Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici (Vall de Boí, Alta Ribagorça, Spain)

Lucía de Soto, J. M. Olano & V. Rozas

A junipers woodland story: spatial and temporal patterns in a mixed stand of Juniperus thurifera, Quercus ilex and Pinus sylvestris

J. Grießinger, A. Bräuning & G.H. Schleser

Inter species comparison of tree ring δ13C and δ18O from subalpine sites in High Asia

Vladimír Gryc, H. Vavrèík, M. Rybníèek & E. Přemyslovská

The relation between the microscopic structure and the wood density of Fagus sylvatica L.

Genaro Gutiérrez-Garcia & M. Ricker

A predictive GIS model to locate tree-rings in the Los Tuxtlas forests (Veracruz, Mexico)

Sarah Hangartner

Hydrogen isotopes in a 400-year Pinus uncinata chronology from NE Spain

Ingo Heinrich & H. Beeckman

Growth rings in selected tropical Meliaceae species

Ryszard J. Kaczka, B. Wyýga & J. Zawiejska

Tree-ring study of the island formation and riparian forest along a gravel-bed river in the Polish Carpathians

Ragnar Kapaun

Dendrochronological method in use of dating three mansions from South Estonia

Marcin Koprowski, V. Winchester & A. Zielski

Dune movements and tree rings: Czolpinska dune, Slowinski National Park, Poland

Iryna M. Koval

Influence of climate on formation of radial growth Pinus sylvestris L. in forest and forest-steppe zones of Ukraine

J. König, B. Günther, C.T. Bues, S. Marschallek

Comparison of densitometrical and histological methods to the identification of early- and latewood boundary in tree-rings of spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst)

Marek Kràpiec, Elýbieta Szychowska-Kràpiec, Andrzej Zielski

Dendrochronological dating of churches from southern Poland

Kristel Kund & V. Uibo

The influence of oil-shale underground mining on the growth of trees in Kohtla mining area in northeastern Estonia

Tomáð Kyncl, J. Kyncl, P. Fedaka & L. Lukáè

Contribution to chronology of conifers in northern and eastern Carpathians (Slovakia and Transcarpathian Ukraine)
Hanns Hubert Leuschner, A. Bauerochse, B. Leuschner & U. Sass-Klaassen Subfossil pine woodland and trackways in Campemoor (NW Germany)

Alar Läänelaid

Light rings in larches: searching the causes
Iluta Lûce & D.Elferts Comparison of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) growth response to climate in dry and calcareous fen sites in Engure Lake are (Latvia)

Ireneusz Malik

The influence of meandering river activity on the alders form-growth recorded in their tree rings

Darío Martín-Benito, P. Cherubini, M. del Río & I. Cañellas

Differential effect of drought on Pinus nigra Arn. radial growth in mesic and xeric sites from southeastern Spain
Roberts Matisons& G. Brûmelis Radial growth characteristics of Scots pine at seacoast wooded dunes on Kolka Horn

Burkhard Neuwirth, S. Johann & C. Lankes

Growth/drought responses in tree rings of cultured apple trees

Kurt Nicolussi, M. Kaufmann, R. Luzian, P. Pindur,  A. Thurner & D. Zrost

Calendar-dated Holocene snow avalanche events in the Central Eastern Alps

Magdalena Opala & R.J. Kaczka

Dating of wooden shelters in Polish High Tatras - tree rings records of the pasturing history in Carpathians

Sùawomira Paweùczyk, A. Pazdur, T. Boettger, M. Haupt, M. Kràpiec & E. Kràpiec-Szychowska

Carbon isotopic composition in tree-rings: a temperature record and a tool for biomonitoring CO2 level

Rûtilë Pukienë

Tree ring investigation of alder posts from the foundations of the Vilnius royal palace

Ingo Sahling, H. Gärtner & K.-H. Schmidt

Reconstruction of geomorphic processes using anatomical variations of exposed roots (Fagus sylvatica)
Barbara Sensula & Anna Pazdur Suess effect in Poland, Central Europe, on the basis of radiocarbon  investigations  in tree rings

Olga V. Sidorova, T. Boettger, E.A. Vaganov & M. M. Naurzbaev

Reaction of larch trees from eastern Taimyr to climatic changes caused by major volcanic eruptions during the last 2 millenniums by tree-ring and isotope data

Kristina Sohar & A. Läänelaid

Sapwood Estimates of Common Oak (Quercus robur L.) in Estonia

Hanuð Vavrèík, V. Gryc & M. Rybníèek

Fluorescence microscopy utilization for lignin detection in wooden cell wall in spruce

Pascale Weber

Linking tree-rings and ecosystem research

Martin Wilmking, Y. Zhang, J. Singh, G. Juday & R. D’Arrigo

Changing climate sensitivity in northern forests – problem, challenge or not important?

 Ewan Woodley

Dendroclimatology in Scotland: the potential for a 1000-year climate reconstruction


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